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Call for Papers: Early Modern Ottoman Studies [EMOS] – Conference I


24 Eki 2022

The EMOS conference invites researchers studying the early modern Ottoman lands, their surroundings and the Mediterranean world (between 1500 and 1800), including all fields of history and related fields of social sciences and humanities.

Date: 12-15 July 2023

Host Institutions & Location: Hacettepe University & Middle East Technical University (METU): Ankara, Turkey

The conference aims to bring to the discussion new approaches, new perspectives and alternative sources in the context of the “Early Modernity” in the Ottoman Empire and the world around it.

The story of EMOS originates from the idea of organizing an academic meeting on the “17th-century crisis” in 2007. In 2008, this was realized as a series of panels within the XI. ICOSEH congress in Ankara. The panels assumed the form of an independent workshop within the congress, and, upon its success, the organizers decided to convene a series of workshops. The second workshop, “The Ottoman Empire in the 17th century,” was hosted by Istanbul Şehir University in Istanbul in 2012. Its main theme was “crisis and change”. This workshop brought the idea of organizing a workshop for the 18th century, and a workshop was held in 2013, again hosted by Istanbul Şehir University. The third workshop, titled “Crisis and Change in the 17th-century Ottoman Empire” focusing specifically on the “Economic Crises and Changes,” was held in Ankara hosted by METU in 2013. All these three workshops were supported by Tarih Vakfı. After a long hiatus, the organizers decided to broaden the scope of the conference both thematically and chronologically which gave birth to the upcoming EMOS Conference.

The EMOS conference will take place on July 12 to July 15, 2023 in Ankara and it will be hosted by Middle East Technical University and Hacettepe University. On the last day of the conference, a trip to historical sites of Ankara will be organized.

Deadline for proposal submissions:

Deadline for individual paper proposals: 15 January 2023, in English or Turkish, max. 300 words for individual papers.

Deadline for panel proposals: 30 January 2023, in English or Turkish, max. 500 words for the panel proposal and 250 words for panel papers.

Notification for invited papers: 15 March 2023

Registration and proposal submission link:

Language of presentations: English and Turkish

Conference Fee: 50 $ / 50 € or its equivalent in TL (On-site payment of registration fee is possible. Students may apply for a reduced fee of 25 $)

There will also be a limited number of slots and funding reserved for presentations by PhD candidates (ABD).

Contact e-mail: emosmeeting2023@gmail.comDate: 12-15 July 2023Host Institutions & Location: Hacettepe University & Middle East Technical University (METU): Ankara, Turkey

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